n5j9egWhat do you think about the photo posted above? Looks familiar? I am not really sure, of how much  you care about your hair, but I am 100% positive, that hair was my biggest drama, since I’ve remember.

When I was a kid, I had so many frustrating moments. For example, I am getting out of  some shop and an old lady shouting, “please close the door, boy”. And I was thinking “what”??? As far as I know, I am a girl! Yep, for my mum and my dad I was always a little princess, but for random people on the street, I resembled more of a small boy with short hair, rather than a little queen with beautiful long braids.

When I was 13, I colored my hair red  for the first time, and I had as many problems at my school as problematic my color was on my hair. I was constantly experimenting with my hairstyle testing different types of rollers, curlers, whatever was accessible, with the main aim of  giving my hair some volume. I could say that I literally had everything on my head, except dreadlocks, however at the age of 17 I was very close to  do it as well.

Now when I am a mature person, I let my hair to be taken care of  in a professional salon, as I believe that there are some things in our life, which have to be left for professionals to deal with.

Few days ago Oscar Hair and Beauty salon, invited me to test their super natural coloring methods. All hair products which are used in this salon are paraben, silicon and ammonia free and belong to Faipa – the Italian brand, which  is one of the best manufacturers in the trichological  sector on the market. Oscar salon is the sole agent of this brand in Hungary.


Oscar11I can honestly tell you, that I went through serious “pamper therapy”. We started with the make up and a cup of tea. And that’s what I like the most in such salons – a holistic approach. You can comfortably sit on the chair with delicious green tea, while the make up artist is taking care of your face. No rush and no stress, good music is just a plus.

Oscar13Oscar1After we were finished with the make up I was ready for the next beauty step – new hairstyle! And here we go again – another surprise! While hairdresser’s assistant was washing my hair, I got a free massage, how? I have been seated on a long chair, which had a massage option. You can imagine how I felt –  lady massaging my head and chair massaging my back. Would you ask for more in such a situation? Just check out my face!

Oscar7After the massage session, we came to the core part of my visit – coloring and cutting my hair. And here’s another surprise waiting for me. Usually when you use regular hair dye product, your whole scalp itches like hell. It’s all because of thousand of chemicals, infused in standard products. This is absolutely not the case, if you use Faipa products. You don’t feel anything except some nice herbal scent.

Oscar6Cutting and styling by art director and we are almost ready.


Oscar17And that’s what we got!



the spoiled queenOscar10Wish to go through pamper session? Just visit Oscar hair and beauty salon, located at Paulay Ede utca 37 in Budapest. Information about hair/beauty products, services and the price list, can be found on Oscar’s website: http://oscarhairandbeauty.com/

Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram – @oscarhairandbeauty.

Are you ready for your transformation?

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