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Seville – the city of the sun. I think after Madrid, it’s one of the best cities I have been in Spain, offering amazing food, incredible architecture and the possibility of meeting really cool people. Local life takes place in calle Feria, or at least this is the street where I love to hang out. It is really cute street packed with vintage shops, little restaurants, and art shops. You should definitely visit Cerámicas-Nazaret where you can buy tiles and ceramic dishes which have been taken from old buildings. Check out also El pianillo which is an antique store next door. This street is also your first stop to get a delicious coffee in You need to know that finding a decent coffee in Seville is not an easy thing, usually you get something which can remind you a Turkish coffee or some very weird version of cappuccino. After the first doze of caffeine, you continue your day in a lovely book store/art gallery/ coffee place – Un gato en bicicleta located on calle Pérez Galdós. This is a great place to work, have a coffee or breakfast. I am actually in love with its artistic interior design – each wall is covered with paintings or art works from different artists. I like to chit chat with the owner of this place who also manages an art gallery, called Berlin, located on calle Boteros.

Un Gato en Bicicleta

Berlin Galeria

You might stroll around Feria neighbourhood to find some bizarre stuff around. Like on calle Relator where you can spot on one of the private terraces a mannequin leg hanging out from the balcony. Or another street near by where someone locked the bike on the top of a traffic sign – some of our friends suspected that thief was about to steal this bike but was not successful, so left it there. Other funny thing which one might find is a Japon Market 24 h where you will find a vending machine with Japanese ramen and snacks, located on calle Arjona. Like why would you need Japanese snacks in the heart of Andalusia? Sounds super weird but also funny.

Japon Market 24h Sevilla

Seville is the city of dogs. They are everywhere and sometimes you will see an owner walking a few of them at the same time. On the other hand, there are no dog parks here. Given the fact it’s super hot in Seville plus not so much shadow either, I am not really sure how they can bear this heat. They seem to be happy though.

Dogs and cats can be actually very useful companions in Seville. As some of you probably know this city struggles with the enormous amount of cockroaches which are huge and can be mainly found in the old buildings in the city center. This is the one thing which I truly hate about this city and I have a huge problem to deal with. One day, we had an extensive discussion with locals where we debated if it is better to keep a dog or a cat in the apartment. Turned out that cats will eat all the cockroaches they see while dogs might have some play with them first. So if you consider moving here, either you find an apartment in a super new building or you just move in with a cat. Or, if the infestation gets worse, make sure to research companies like to find professionals to deal with the issue.

Moving on with a daily life in Seville, the one thing you will notice pretty much everywhere is art! Either it will be art stores, art galleries or artistic restaurants like Pan y circo. The interior of this place is just breath taking. Fantastic furniture and home decor items plus paintings decorating each wall. It is one of the mandatory places to visit, if you are an interior design lover.

Pan y circo

I have been hanging out quite a lot in Alameda which is a local neighbourhood with vibrant nightlife, tapas bars, live jazz and open-mic nights, gay bars and clubs. Back in a days it was quite rough neighbourhood, now seems to be the one where you can find all sorts of characters. 

This is the first in a series of articles about Seville which you will be able to read on my website.

Have you ever been in Seville? What is your favourite thing about this city? Do share your comments!

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