There is nothing completely new! But there is an endless amount of unmade connections between old things. To find them is innovation.

–  Marcel Wanders.

I can not agree more with this sentence. If it comes to fashion, design or art we could say that we have already seen everything, but when you look at this from different perspective, you quickly realize that there are still plenty of possibilities. You just need to find them.

SpiritHome located on Király utca 47 is one of those places where impossible becomes possible. This amazing furniture store definitely pushes the boundaries of  possibility. With more than 100 brands in its portfolio can easily furnished your house, keeping high – quality standards  and simply spreading the beauty.

Brand: GUBI

My first visit in this store made me speechless. I have never seen so many beautiful pieces of furniture and home decor items in Budapest. But apart of a great design I really like the simple philosophy of this place  – make customer happy. If he is looking for a red chair, SpiritHome can show him around 10 different styles and price range products.

Brand: Moooi

Majority of products (furniture and decors) come from Italy, but you will find in their portfolio also Scandinavian and German brands.  When it comes to furniture style, your choice is pretty much unlimited. From Scandinavian to minimal – you name it.  SpiritHome offers as well custom made furniture including carpentry and upholstery service. This store works with different types of materials. Majority of furniture or home decor items are made out of wood, metal, glass, marble or plastic, but if you have some specific design in your mind, you just need to say it and they will take care of it.

Brand: Muuto

I am really obsessed with this design!

I strongly suggest you to check SpiritHome website in order to see more proposals and definitely visit this store, once you are in Budapest!

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