Last weekend all Hungarian ‘fashionistas’ could feel like in heaven or rather at the vanity fair, as Toni&Guy Fashion Week Budapest is back. But this time without unnecessary combinations unlike in last October, where TGFWB had to share the runway with Central European Fashion Days.

What was the first impression, when I entered Várkert Bazár hall where this event took place? Well, at the beginning I could smell money, and right after I realized, that there is a huge gap between the people, who were invited for the fashion show, either by designer or organizers and the ones who could buy a ticket and come to any show they wanted.

I don’t want to judge anyone by the looks, but let’s face it – fashion business is a bit ungrateful one, where in 99% cases, the things which represent our outside are more important that the ones which are within us.

During TGFWB AW15′ I saw people who truly belong to the fashion world, but it was not without some posers. Ah what would be our world without them? In the end of the day, at least we have somebody to laugh at.

I mentioned that I could smell money at first, well.. when you organize something in newly renovated Várket Bazár, which is one of the newest cultural spots at the feet of Buda castle, it means, that you literally have funds to occupied this place for two days. Somehow I don’t believe in politicians generosity, considering how few fashion events are organized here on a high level,  I would say that they might be not even familiar with the word ‘fashion’. Therefore, I can assume they did not let this place to be booked for free, which is mean some huge amount of money need to be donated.

11083783_606506529485538_2469180047838871512_o10001222_504557619680430_2755861990867087826_ocredit: Várkert Bazár

Most probably the sponsors of TGFWB (Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe, Design Terminal, Mercedes – Benz, Vodafone Red, Mobilsofa, Jana, Omorovicza, Uber) were really generous this year, as the whole arrangement of this place, including pop up stores, snack&coffee bar, and runway itself was really impressive.

A little complication did occur for the photographers as their section was not bright enough due to lighting problems. So anybody who did not have a lens with higher resolution and zoom capabilities, it was quite problematic to take sharp and good quality pictures.

Besides that I don’t really have any other concerns, as Várkert Bazár is one of the most fancy places in Budapest. A massive, black sliding door, row bricks and art installations make this place a perfect venue for fashion shows. You don’t need to go to Paris or Milan, in order to find yourself in aristocratic and rich interiors, Várkert Bazár can easily provide all aesthetic experiences.

1796758_1120645357962610_8978666582684926232_oNow about designers –  the core members of each fashion show. To be honest, I was quite shocked when I got to know about the absence of Nanushka in TGFWB AW15′. Rumors were that she was not pleased with the models who would showcase her collection. I would like to underline that it was a rumor, however, the more I think about it, I come to the conclusion that it might be actually true.

It is not a secret that majority of catwalk models in Budapest are simply short. Those girls are not taller than 170 cm and they are super young. We all know that the worldwide standards say, that a catwalk model should be minimum 175 cm tall, to be able to take part in a fashion show. Unless you have charisma of Kate Moss or Cara Delevingne, which Hungarian model surely lack. Some of them could be a perfect beauty model or IT girl though. I must say, that in the look books they presented themselves quite good. So they have potential, but it needs to be used in the right way.

SAM_1456It’s always an awkward moment for me, when I am  backstage trying to take some photos of the models. In majority of cases I am at least half head taller than them, without even bothering myself of wearing high heel shoes.

11080728_1120646731295806_7698889022304325810_o11100668_1120331181327361_3567164097362763704_nAnd here is a question which I asked on my blog several times already – is it really true, that in the whole country there are no skinny and tall girls, who once trained can be a catwalk models? Or maybe it is just the ‘whatever’ attitude of the agencies to make some effort and scout for some good ones? If you can not find Hungarian girls, book some international ones. There are so many expats living in Budapest.

Imagine being a designer, who works really hard to produce his/her seasonal collection. You are aware of the fact that front row might be occupied by international press and buyers. You are trying to do your best to present your clothes in an outstanding manner, but if your model is short and looks like 17 years old tiny girl, how can you convince your buyer that your product is devoted to a mature and self confident woman?

10849080_1120646444629168_7974134881713232796_o11080842_1120647087962437_7716887280102479505_oI don’t want to bitch more about it, but look at the picture below. Do you see some difference?

560208_878124322233841_255133390416595011_nOn your left model from TGFWB on your right model from Milan Fashion Week.

Coming back to the designer’s collections, my coat’s winner was NUBU. I was actually surprised to see so many vivid colors in their AW 15′ proposals. Except the traditional ones: black, off-white, beige and grey, the determining colors of the collection was red, dark mauve and blue. NUBU presented wide range of coats, which I truly fell in love with.

11007737_878128005566806_3206423327057048617_n11081250_878128562233417_4033729409367719280_n11088552_878127968900143_5358096566467456833_n11096531_878127952233478_2522840597040584077_ncredit: Holecz Endre

check the whole collection HERE

Dori Tomcsanyi in her Aw 15′ collection, paid special attention to sustainability. She used recycled and natural fabrics such as: lyocell, terry neoprene, virgin wool, cotton and viscose. You could easily spot a lot of crop cuts. I love her sweatshirts decorated by sparkling dots which provides a really cool effect when you look at it from the distance. Also, a big thumbs up for mingling her collection with YKRA backpacks, where she designed typographic pattern for Marta mini backpack.

11012891_878120508900889_4410156582379109957_n11081360_878120145567592_4941510998118193816_n11088191_878120152234258_9104888279071837600_n11112497_878120765567530_3146881431935288547_ncredit: Holecz Endre

check the whole collection HERE


Ohh Kata Szegedi, why are you such an incredible designer? Guys, trust me it was one of the best collections. Just look at this patchwork technique which is so visible in almost every look comprising of the colors like klein blue, orange, dark blue and coral red. Amazing tops and A line and tube skirts – so feminine! This is a  colorful craziness!


18126_878126715566935_6602116186869160772_n10941368_878126658900274_3411397404245556008_n11068294_878126298900310_4015658191279462707_n11083677_878126712233602_4174361941482602474_ncredit: Holecz Endre

check the whole collection HERE

Je Suis Belle who highlighted the color ‘black’ in AW14′ collection, and announced a series of funerals, decided to showcase their AW 15′ collection vividly by adding some sparkling textures, colors such as white and red. I love their pieces embroidered with colorful sequences. One of my favorite piece is a ‘boudoir’ red coat – it will be quite brave look, but I am in!

15549_878125562233717_6687475049796968566_n 10426674_878125762233697_5639072504180110548_n10410865_878125318900408_929463501033799098_n11091228_878125442233729_8536314104577921567_ncredit: Holecz Endre

check the whole collection HERE

What is my conclusion regarding this year TGFWB? Its getting better and better. I really see a huge potential in this fashion venture. Great sponsors, great venue, professional staff. A big change that TGFWB will evolve and become a proper Budapest Fashion Week. For those who do not believe in Eastern Europe fashion industry, you might be wrong claiming that we do not have great designers in this part of Europe. We do have a lot of them but every movement requires money – and this is still the weakest point of any fashion initiative here.


1799100_1119753314718481_2534439673167941539_oKeeping fingers crossed. If you have any questions, concerns or you simply have a different point of view on my article, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. I love brainstorming sessions, I have never claimed that I am an expert and my opinion is not the irrefutable one.

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