Can you imagine that I live in Budapest nearly 10 years? Time flies!! From time to time,  I have some discussions with my friends about how the city has changed over the years – what we are missing, what is new or what we are wishing for.

I used to write a lot about cool hangouts and various activities in Budapest, but recently I am more into discovering some other parts of the city, including less known parks, hiking routs or nice, residential neighborhoods.

It is also nice to see how many cool apartments have transformed to stylish Airbnb. You can check the best ones here.

But even though I am not focusing that much on new hot spots, I’m still well informed! Why? Because one of my best friends, who lives here several years, is a great city insider. He always rides his bike and discovers new places almost every day!

He is the founder of “My map of Budapest” which is widely popular city map! Recently I had a little chat with him about his map and also new, exciting service which he offers to tourists and locals.

Your Map of Budapest vol 1 made a splash, what can we find in vol 2?

Aramis: Vol.2 is devoted to Pest side and the Jewish district since it is full of bars, clubs and restaurants. Sometimes it can be tricky to find cool hangouts among so many places located next to each other, and probability of  ending up in a tourist trap, where a pint of beer is 3 times more expensive is also much higher. So I tried to show different spots on my map where I also added new icons in the legend for categories such: cinemas (presenting English movies), street food places or bars with live music. You can also find venues like art galleries. My Orange day route still focuses on secret places, located on Buda side.

Can you describe a bit more "Orange route" which is part of your map?

Aramis: Orange route starts and ends on Buda side. I think that this part of Budapest is a bit underrated although it has a lot to offer! With its wonderful hills, little forests, big parks, great lookouts and some cool streets its perfect option for a little day trips. Beside that you can find very nice restaurants and coffee places where you can meet locals, backpackers and creative people. One of my favourite bar is also located on this side of the river. Very local spot which was opened in the 60’s, and still has the same interior!

Check more information about “Orange route” here.

Now you went a step further and teamed up with Airbnb experience where you offer "Electronic scouts" service. Tell us a bit more about this idea.

Aramis: I grew up in Germany so electronic music is an inseparable part of my life.  I was frequently going with my friends to all the legendary clubs and festivals in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich or Mannheim. At some point I moved to Frankfurt, where I lived 4 years and I rediscovered techno scene. It was as good as Berlin, but maybe a bit more sophisticated. When I moved to Budapest, some years later I realised that this city has so much to offer, when it comes to electronic music. I found some great venues  and really inspiring crowd. Budapest has wild nightlife but what is also great about this city, are day parties, especially during the summer. The goal of the Electronic Scouts is to show people exciting party spots, good electronic music and easy going warm up bars. Since party program changes every weekend in Budapest, I might take my guests to a secret gig happening on the roof top  or at some underground location. It can be a boat, a ruin bar or open air place – you name it!

If you wish to have an unforgettable night in Budapest, full of surprises and great music, book your tour here.

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What is your favourite hidden gem in your city? 

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