Nanushka is one of the best known Hungarian designers whom have been following  since 2012.  Within few years, an initially littleknown Hungarian label  turned to be a globally renowned fashion brand which has recently debuted the menswear collection.

Nanushka went one step further and opened a concept store in Budapest (Becsi utca), in which fashion meets coffee and tea cultureHer fashion boutique has become one of the hottest spots in the city center where you can not only browse the collection  but also have a cup of aromatic coffee supplied by the Hungarian roasting company Awaken or delicious Eastern tea, provided by Budapest-based label Zhao Zhou.


Interior design

Interior design is another story. A massive mirror hanging above the fire place is a statement decor item of this boutique, along with  the beautiful leather sofa and armchairs as well as marble table tops reminding me of a sophisticated living room. On the other hand wooden elements and soft pastel colours keep the interior simple. I love the fact you can flip through an international magazine available in the store, including my favourite Suitcase or Wallpaper, and read while enjoying your coffee.

Credit: Urba


Nanushka is well known for her minimalist style and clean patterns. Her collections are frequently inspired by travels and nature. A Nanushka girl is an urban chick who likes to feel close to the nature, on the other hand she loves to twist it with a statement piece which could be a a vegan leather puffer, or matching bag. She won’t say no to soft lavender mules.

Looks like gentlemen became a little jealous and timely they were buying items from Nanushka women’s line. Just last week Nanushka launched her first menswear collection which is already available online and in her store. “Shot in a warm-hearted ’70s-inspired set, the collection fuses simple comfort and functionality in a neutral colour palette with hints of pastel colours. Driving material innovation with sustainability, the collection transparently utilises vegan leather and faux fur while also incorporating Japanese textiles and silk-blend fabrics.”

I strongly recommend you to visit this store once you will be in Budapest!

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