Autumn is almost here, which makes me really happy since I am totally in love with AW 18 ‘ trends!

What I definitely want in my wardrobe are cheetah print shoes.

I think they look great when you combine them with long, camel coat.

On the other hand, if you love this print as much as I do, go with the flow and get cheetah coat or faux fur! It gives you a bit edgy look but this is something that we all love about fashion, right?

Another item which is on my list is definitely a tweed boucle jacket!

Tweed boucle fabric is the legendary type of cloth woven with fancy yarn, lurex threads, trims, ribbons, sequins in various colours. Infused with the spirit of freedom and self-confidence, this fabric originates from the era of French 1950s fashion trends, and has become a truly timeless trend.

If you wish to have your own customize jacket or coat made out of this fabric, check out Tissura online shop, where you can select one of many types of tweed and boucle fabrics!

Going further with the trends, what I also would like to have is a bottle-green coat.

Those shoes with snake print were my obsession. Found them on but they were immediately sold out. Till this day my heart is broken. All I can do is to search for them somewhere else.

By heart, I am also a sporty girl so life without a pair of comfortable sneakers and a soft hoodie does not exist.  This season I am going for a simple, grey hoodie, and deathless Reebok classic shoes.

That’s all for today, I am going to update you with more of my must-have items, as my wishful list seems to be unlimited.

What’s your favorite AW18′?

Do share your comments.

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