The  last few days I spent in Kosice (Slovakia), where I have been invited by Unique One model & events agency to attend European Fashion Accelerator program and Kosice Fashion Week.

In some of my previous posts, I have already mentioned that EFA program focuses on improving V4 student’s professional knowledge and practical experience in the fashion industry. I had a real pleasure to attend lectures held by professors and media specialists, panel talks with fashion business professionals and what is the most important from my perspective: fashion shows of the selected designer’s capsule collections.

Unique One agency took a really good care of me. I was picked by Mercedes limo and got quite unusual chauffeur  –  pretty and full of energy, young girl – I would not mind to rock the city with her during night! That could be really funny experience.  I have been accommodated in a beautiful 4 star hotel Yasmin. My room was just perfect! King size bed  just for myself (it’s like a dream comes true!), great interiors – I just loved the wooden elements in my room and finally I had enough space to walk freely, considering the spacious corridor with a big mirror (found it quite useful, while I was doing some Instagram stories) and perfectly designed bathroom! Worth to mention that Yasmin hotel has also a great SPA, where you can truly relax after your busy day.

credit: Hotel Yasmin

EFA invited young designers from Visegrad Group: Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic, who had a possibility of showing their capsule collections.

Poland has been represented by Sandra Stachura and Piotr Popiolek.

Personally, I enjoyed their collections the most. Sandra’s collection truly got me, especially the shoes! She used 3D print to design the sole of the shoe and it looked freaking cool.

Interesting and quite bold collection for men has been offered by Piotr Popiolek.

We could see few nice proposals from Czech designers: Tereza Havránková

and Denisa Dovalová

Slovakia has been represented by Petra Kovacs

and Silvia Zrebná

Hungary has been represented by Maria Glaser

and Zita Merenyi

I was quite surprise when I saw proposals from high school students during Kosice Fashion shows. Super talented kids, I must say! My favorite collections belongs to: ŠUV Košice

and SOŠ Gemerská

credit: Unique One – Tomas Macej

None of those shows would have been possible without tremendous work and engagement of Unique One director and former model Karolina Bosakova (she was walking for the biggest fashion houses in the past) and her team. I had quite interesting conversation with Karolina about another project which is really close to her heart and hopefully I can reveal more details in my upcoming post.

It was really good event, where again I could see how the fitting, make up and hair is prepared and how many people have to actually work to pull those shows together.  I could be part of that thanks to Valentina Lazzari who took such a great care of me, that I do not find words to describe my appreciation (in Hungary, I could only dream about such people). She was one of the most hard working (and at the same time the youngest) girls who I’ve met recently. Running between the shows, helping models, bloggers and other guests always with a smile and such a good attitude. She was a real ball on a fire and I wish to have that kind of girl one day in my own team.

I strongly recommend you to check profiles of those young and emerging designers, as I am sure you will be able to find some interesting and unique pieces for yourself.

Let me know your opinion about presented collections!





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