Sometime ago I mentioned on my blog, that I am absolutely in love with Asian fashion trends (check Asian inspirations). Therefore I would like to take you on a journey to Asia. For the next coming weeks , I will be posting about Asian fashion country wise (South Korea, China, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam and Indonesia). You will get to know about the typical look, hottest trends and some other more interesting stuff.

Are you ready?

Let’s begin with South Korea – country which is the closest for me as I had a pleasure to meet some cool Korean girls and had really great time with them!

South Korea

To begin with, I would like to mention some words about a typical Korean look. It is quite important to know about the typical body and face features, because let’s face it that usually people from other continents have problems in differentiating Korean from Japanese or Chinese person. Koreans are quite tall and not so tiny as others Asian representatives. Still Korean girls are quite skinny and have flat wide hips. Their complexion is quite bright with strong pinkish tone.

Azjatycki CukierStyleTravelling35I read somewhere that women in Korea are expected to have a body of a young Western female. But how to achieve that, if European girls are much taller with wider arms and bigger muscles. As my dear Korean friend told me – they all want to have skinny body!

Having a tiny body, Korean girls choose sporty clothes such as: leggings or skinny jeans along with long, oversize sweatshirts (very often with big prints on them) or outerwear. On the other hand , they love to wear short skirts, short pants and everything that fits well to their skinny bodies. Accessories also play an important role, especially colorful sporty bags and shoes or trendy caps.


But Korean girl is not only a sporty girl. She is famous for her elegant and classy look too. Her wardrobe is dominated by: silk blouses, A-line dresses, dainty skirts, short blazers and houndstooth trousers.




Typical Korean look is either sporty or elegant. But girls like to wear pleated or puffy skirts too, which make their outfit more romantic. When they add classic high heels or wedgies, they look really adorable.

StyleTravelling21StyleTravelling8StyleTravelling34StyleTravelling23StyleTravelling35StyleTravelling33StyleTravelling37StyleTravelling38StyleTravelling39Korean girls are not so innocent as you might think after seeing them for the first time. Although, they are relatively shorter and tinier than European women, they can surely be seductive and sometimes even naughty.

StyleTravelling14StyleTravelling15StyleTravelling42StyleTravelling28StyleTravelling40StyleTravelling43StyleTravelling44More sexy look? Watch below videos.

Let me know, if you wish to know more about Korean look and the hottest trends!

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