This article written by Reorient Design was originally published in the Spoiled Queen Magazine, The Portugal Issue April 2021. The original article can be downloaded here

Surf Shack Vibes

In each edition of The Spoiled Queen Magazine, reorient design selects a favourite interior scene and breaks down the look to give you the Inside Story. In the Portugal issue, the Boutik Cafe & Surf Shack (see pgs. 100-103) is just too good to miss!

Colours – Warm. Beige, tan, brown & greens.

Materials – Natural woods, rattan (bamboo), leather, native handmade fabrics.

Styles – Eco-chic, Industrial & Native* styles.

*Native style is more commonly referred to as ‘Ethno’ style, although the use of this word is a misnomer.

The natural materials, warm colours and greenery combo create a vibrant yet calm atmosphere. You can already smell the coffee beans and freshly baked Portuguese egg tarts! We wish we could go there to experience it all for ourselves! Until the travel restrictions are lifted – why not bring some surf shack vibes in your home instead?

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