Boys! did you enjoy my last post about vintage stores in Budapest? Are you curious about any other pearl stores, which offer trendy male pieces in this city? Follow me, as I did some city research and today, wish to share with you the list of another great stores!

Have you ever wish to wear blazer with unique graphic print or some psychedelic pattern? Or maybe you wish to wear a total suit, which is not really grey/black or any other boring color? Your dreams will come true when you visit ZAKO store!.

This amazing, Hungarian brand founded in 2012 by designers Mihály Domokos and Éva Hidvégi allow you to feel comfortable and unique at the same time.

the spoiled queen

the spoiled queen

With a large variety of blazers/suits/shirts you can create a trendy look without trying too hard. These little prints on your clothes are capable to replace any of your accessories. You don’t need to play with your expensive phone or show off your car keys anymore. You will surely be noticed by anyone who will pass you by. With such clothes you will definitely stand out in a crowd, and show that you can play with fashion at any age and moment.

the spoiled queen

the spoiled queenClothes form ZAKO are available in designer stores at Magyar ut 5 and TheGardenStudio at Vitkovics Mihály 3-5. Hurry up, don’t let others look better than you!

If you wish to feel the Scandinavian beat being in Budapest , you need to visit MEI KAWA store. If I were a man, I would buy the whole collection without even giving it a second thought. Simple, minimalism inspired clothes made out of high quality fabric is what every man needs when it comes to daily wear.

the spoiled queen

the spoiled queen

When you look at those clothes for the first time, you just feel the quality at a glance,without even touching them. As I mentioned some time ago that for me, less is more, not only in make-up trends but in the fashion industry as well. What really caught my attention, was the shape and length of shirts or hoodies. They are not up to the hips, as standard ones but much longer – to mid-thigh. Wearing this with skinny jeans gives you a really compulsive look.

the spoiled queen

the spoiled queen2

MEI KAWA Office/store is located at 3 Baross utca but you can also purchase online.

If you have a bit kinky personality and you are somehow fascinated by leather, metallic accessories, you should definitely visit mrs Herskin store.

the spoiled queen

393477_333356953342407_974101668_nthe spoiled queen

When I look at those accessories, it comes to my mind, my visit in Museum of Sex in New York, when I saw a hundred different sex toys and tools with a common goal of giving unlimited sexual pleasure.

Don’t you think that those leather harness looks a bit perverse ?

the spoiled queen

On the other hand, you can use them in various occasions (if you know what I mean). If you wish to misbehave a bit, check out this store or become a fan on their fan page.

You will find those accessories at Retorck – Anker köz 2, The Garden Studio – Vitkovics Mihály u. 5-7, or Cydonia Vintage – Hajós u. 43.

Questions, comments? Feel free to ping me anytime!

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