Spring is finally here! It is a perfect time to clean our wardrobe – get rid of clothes we are not going to wear and replace them with a few new pieces. It is also a good time to think if our apartments need a little make over, by adding some new home decor items. Finally we should not forget  about health and well – being, by boosting our immune system and getting some additional vitamins. How to get it all without spending a fortune? I have selected some of my favorite online stores which currently offer great deals, additionally for all my readers I also got special discount codes which you can use in selected stores.


Let’s start with my favorite fashion /home decor store Spark Le Monde offering beautiful jewelry, trendy clothes and home decor items. If you use the code ‘thespoiledqueen’ you will receive 10% discount for all items!

Spark Le Monde

(10% discount for all items using ‘thespoiledqueen’ code)

Cotton Sandals, Leopard Large Pouch, Sunglasses, Necklace

Sandro Paris

Printed Dress

Mayol Jewlery

Necklace, Earrings

Herschel: Backpack

Free People: Heels, Jacket

Home Decor

Nothing feels better than a little apartment make over! You don’t need to buy new furniture, just a few stylish home decor items can boost the look of your place!



Spark Le Monde

(10% discount for all items using ‘thespoiledqueen’ code)

Christian Lacroix notebook, Wouf Candle

My Map of Budapest


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Wondering how can you boost your immune system and deliver all nutrition to your body? There is nothing better than trying a Formula 1 protein shake. I am currently using the chocolate flavor mixed with  my favorite fruits: banana, mango and orange. It’s a perfect nutritional meal and also a great breakfast option. If you need to deliver more vitamins to your body but also take care of your skin, check out other products offered by Herbalife brand. I also have  great news, if you decide to buy any products which you can browse on Herbalife website, you will get 25% discount when you use ‘thespoiledqueen‘ code! You need to contact one of the most well known coaches in Hungary Mate Varbiro through his Facebook and send him a link to the product  you wish to order, plus mention the discount code. Mate offers worldwide home delivery! Once you order you will also receive a link with online training (send via email) prepared by Mate and his fitness team.

Finally some make up products and perfumes! I am usually buying them in Müller since this store offers a big variety of cosmetics from my favorite brands plus great prices.

What do you plan to buy? Share your comments!

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