Ferenciek tere is one of the most popular squares in Budapest, famous of its breathtaking architecture, buildings, numerous bars and cafes, and also small showrooms of local designers.

If you are looking for unique jewelry designs or futuristic bags and clutches, I strongly recommend you to visit  wonderLAB, which is a concept store and creative workshop.





Few weeks ago, I stepped by and had a short conversation with Ildi, who is one of the founder of wonderLAB.

The Spoiled Queen: What is the main idea behind wonderLAB and what was the impulse to start it?

It was a little game for us, at the beginning we wanted to do something creative with my sister and two other friends in our free time, so we started some workshop at another street. But the main idea was to start some kind of incubator for designers to help them with brand building and market research. At the moment we are kind of social network, we work together with 30 designers. The other important thing is that we do not apply any margin on the product. If you buy some piece here, you pay the price which was set by the designer, not by us.

The Spoiled Queen: Which brands we can find there?

CAKÓ, Soie Essentiellethe Mama Kin jewelry. We usually work with starter designers but we also have a few bigger brands as well. We do have our own brand INQ concept, where our designer prepares collections twice a year.

The Spoiled Queen: Is there any particular style we can find in wonderLAB, or it’s a mix of everything?

We sale clothes, jewelry and bags. We have mostly casual clothes, but you can find  some elegant pieces as well. In our store, there is a big variety of jewelry from the casual one to the party wear.

The Spoiled Queen: Who are your clients? What they are mainly looking for?

60% Hungarians and 40% of foreigners. It’s very good location, so a lot of people who are looking for casual clothes can find us.

The Spoiled Queen: Do you organize some events like fashion shows, press events?

We do photo campaigns twice a year for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collection. We also organize wonderLAB birthday party, and participate in interesting happenings like Stylewalker night for example. We have a big sale as well every year (2 times). Actually we will have one in February, so stay tuned.

Ok so basically, I’m totally in love with this huge bag! I feel like coming back to school, once again!



thespoiledqueen4 (1 of 1)backpack: Jurekka, coat: INQ concept

There is one other thing, which I absolutely adore in this showroom – amazing concept for photo shooting, just check the pictures below. You can buy it as paintings and simply hang it over your wall.




10942654_880299722001510_5235293706916495703_nwonderLAB is located at Veres Pálné utca 3 in Budapest. Don’t miss any news and follow them on Facebook.

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